General Haberdashery

          Tailors Awl

            Bias Binding Maker

Boning Rigelene

Bees Wax

Bra Repair Kit

Bra Cups

Bra Wire

Bra Metal Side

Bra Metal Rings

Bra Metal links

Bra Tubing


Brace Adjusters

Brace Triangle

Brace Clips

Dungaree Accessory Sets

Collar Points

Dress Shields

Dressmakers Pencils

Magic Markers

Water Erasable Tailors Pens

Iron-On Transfer Pens

Tailors Chalk

Tailors Chalk (3 in 1 cube)

Quilter Silver Pen

Laundry Marking Pens (Permanent)

Water Erasable White Pencils

Dressmakers Carbon

Dressmakers Graph Paper

Double Sided Compartment Boxes

Craft Storage Organisers

Multi Tubs

Embroidery Thread Organisers

Floss Bobbins (plastic and cardboard)

Sewing Supply Organisers

Thread Organisers

Floss Winders

Mending and Decorating iron-on Fabrics and Tapes

Iron-On Jean Patches

Felt Squares

Hooks and Eyes (Furs)

Hooks and Eyes

Corset Hooks

Hem Fix

Handy Gauges

Hem Marker (powder type)

Meter Sticks (wooden, aluminium and brass)

Machine Bobbins (metal and plastic)

Bobbin Box Carrier

Machine Bobbin Case

Marabu Feather

Dressmakers Pins

Office Pins

Pear Headed Pins

Plastic Headed Pins

Glass Headed Pins

Quilting Pins

Tape Measures

Iron-on Name Tapes

Iron-on Name Tape Sets

Press Studs (metal and nylon)

Poppas (press Fasteners)

Poppa Pliers


Eyelet Pliers

Machine Oil

Machine Globes

Iron Cleaners

Pressing Cloths

Loop Turners

Point Turners

Magnifying Glasses (hands free)

Sewing Kits

Needle Applicator and Brush

Press Stud Tape

Hook and Eye Tape

Lint removers

Lingerie Guards

Magnetic Pin Holders

Wrist Pin Cushion

Magnetic Dots/Fridge Magnets

Quick Release Clips

Rotating Leather Punch

Seam Rippers (unpickers)

Button Hole Makers

Darning Wool (mending mixture)

Skirt Petersham (belting)

Suspender Ends

Tweezer for Overlockers

Toy Fillings

Waist Coat Buckles

Thimbles (metal, plastic and leather)

Quilters Quarter

Quilters Curved Safety Pins

Quilters Triangles

Quilters Clear Grip

Quilters Squares

Quilters Rulers

Size Labels

Sewing Boxes